Freshie Scent List & Descriptions

☀️ SUMMER SCENTS - scents offered starting around March until July or August. Some scents are restocked while others are only available for a limited time. Can be found on spring, summer & everyday designs!

Cherry Lemonade Twist 🍒🍋- Refreshing blend of tart cherries and freshly squeezed lemons make for a perfect classic summer drink.
Watermelon Lemonade 🍉🍋- bright & fresh. Juicy watermelon, zesty lemons and sweet sugar make this a must have! Inspired by bbw scent.
 Strawberry lemonade 🍓 🍋- highlights of fresh, sweet strawberries, vibrant clean lemon, bright citrus and sugar.
Raspberry + Tangerine🍊 -Bright citrus combines with wild, decadent raspberry on a base of light floral musk that captures a true scent of summer.
Strawberry Peach Champagne 🍓🍑🥂- sweet strawberries, peaches, raspberries, orange and hints of coconut.
Tiki Island 🏝️- Fresh citrus and wild orchid combine with toasted coconut, vanilla musk and sweet sandalwood. (B&bw tiki beach dupe)
Violet Lime💜💚 - Delicate violet blooms splashed with refreshing lime on a base of warm musk. This one smells like a margarita!
Guava tea 🍵- blend of exotic sweet fruits, tart lemon, warm vanilla & sweet florals make this a dreamy & cozy scent. Inspired by Starbucks white guava tea
Summer sunset 🌅 - juicy mango, coconut, lotus flower and soft hints of vanilla. (B&bw aloha vanilla dupe)
Summer Breeze ☀️ - Bright & fresh, this exotic and vibrant aroma combines tropical fruits, juicy watermelon, zesty lemons & greenery.
Sunshine 🍊🍋- Sunshine - a soothing tropical paradise is captured in this fragrance with juicy tangerine and fresh, clean lemon.
Tan lines ☀️- layers of Pistachio and Salted Caramel with a warm base of Sandalwood and Vanilla and just a hint of Sea Salt to round out this amazing aroma. Inspired by the signature Bum Bum Cream scent by Sol De Janeiro®.
Pina colada 🍹-Notes of pineapple, coconut milk, ginger, bergamot & vanilla. This is a STRONG scent.
Honeysuckle freesia 🌷- A sensuous floral combination of honeysuckle and freesia blended with a delicate touch of dewy sweet citrus zest. Amber and musk add enhanced balance and depth to this luscious bouquet!
Whipped coconut cake 🥥 🧁 - A delicious blend of spiced sponge cake soaked in a melange of milk topped with sweet, scrumptious notes of whipped coconut frosting, caramel and a hint of cinnamon
Endless weekend 🖼️ - sit back and enjoy this wonderful, relaxing accord of fresh mandarin, white magnolia and lily of the valley spritzed with sweet coconut water. B&bw dupe
Peach nectar 🍑-Freshly picked peaches blended harmoniously with coconut, violet petals, orange, and hints of vanilla and sugar.
Pineapple sage 🍍- Tropical pineapple chunks united with fresh, herbal sage, rosemary and green leaves makes for a delicious and relaxing aroma.
Funnel Cake 🎡 - Everyone’s favorite fair food! Warm funnel cake with buttery crust and sweet vanilla topped with powdered sugar
Monkey Farts 🍌- Don't let the strange name fool you! This iconic fragrance is a playful, unique accord of fresh bananas, coconut, smooth vanilla and mouth-watering bubblegum. (smells like runts candy to me lol - might able to staple scents depending on how liked it is)

💪🏼 MASCULINE SCENTS - perfect for everyone but especially those who like strong, musky, cologne like scents.

Cedar Woods 🌲- a wonderful unisex scent. Inspired by bbw mahogany teakwood.
Midnight Tide 🌊- delicious unisex scent! Succulent plum mixed with florals and a salty oceanic tone. Notes of amber & vanilla linger to create this unique fragrance.
Stud 🧲 - a dupe of the cologne "Cool Water" A blend of citrus, lavender, jasmine & amber
Northern Lights ✨- A deep, complex masculine accord of bergamot, lemon-lime, and grapefruit on a foundation of rich, exotic amber, sandalwood and cardamom
Unforgettable 🏔️- smells like a sexy cologne! Notes of lavender, vanilla, and a woodsy musk. Bbw inspired.
Cowboy 🐴 - another perfect men’s cologne! Fresh woodsy greens with notes of citrus, florals, cashmere and musk.

😃STAPLE SCENTS - these are scents that are offered year round that will have your customers begging for more! Scents may be discontinued or removed after some time. Not as readily available when fall & Christmas freshies are offered (August- December)

Baja Cactus 🌵✨- notes of cassis, berry, violet, sweet amber, musk & vanilla. Bbw inspired. 
Butt Naked 🍌 🍍 - sweet coconut milk, fresh ripened bananas and juicy pineapple swirled together to create this tropical customer favorite.
Cocoa Butter Cashmere 🤎- A warm, intriguing fragrance that combines sweet cocoa butter and coconut. Elegant under notes of cedarwood, jasmine, and rich vanilla complete this unique, lovely blend. Smells like a very luxurious lotion.
Love Spell 💜- inspired by the VS perfume
Mango Coconut Milk 🍈🥥- tropical blend of mango slices, pineapple chunks, and orange zest topped off with a splash of coconut milk.
Midnight Munchies 🍓🥛- fresh sliced strawberries, milk, citrus & sandalwood. A best seller!
Morning Cartoons 🥣 - just like a fresh bowl of fruit loops
Strawberry Pound Cake 🍓🍰- fresh sliced strawberries & warm pound cake with whipped cream. 
Strawberry Shortcake 🍓 🍰 - sweet, juicy strawberries layered on a warm vanilla pound cake and topped with whipped cream. (Slightly sweeter smelling than SPC)
Caramel Macchiato 🧋- gooey, rich caramel paired with a sweet maple rum, smooth espresso and a touch of milk
Waffle Cone 🍦 - Sweet vanilla ice cream inside a freshly baked waffle cone with hints of cinnamon (formerly known as berry waffle cone)
Mahogany Coconut 🪵 🥥 - coconut base with citrus, vanilla, sandalwood. BBW dupe
Birthday cake 🎂 - blend of luscious buttery cake, rich vanilla, and sugar, wrapped with decadent buttercream frosting. AMAZING!! I love this one
Strawberry leather 🍓💼- Strawberry underlined by notes of smooth Leather, Exotic Woods and Vanilla, on a bed of Musk. This is a strawberry forward scent 
Leather 💼- This genuine, authentic leather accord will have you mistaken for being at the saddle shop
 Sea Salt & Orchid 🌸 -An elegant aroma of tropical orchid, jasmine and white musk with hints of sea salt and ozone.